There is a well-known story in India of a girl crossing a place where a Muslim was performing his prayers; and the law is that no one should cross where a person is praying.
When the girl returned, the man said to her, «How insolent! Do you know what you have done?»
«What did I do?» asked the girl. And the man told her.
«I did not mean any harm,» said the girl. «But tell me, what do you mean by praying?»
«For me, prayer is thinking of God,» said the man.
«Oh!» she said. «I was going to see my young man, and I was thinking of him and I did not see you; but if you were thinking of God, how did you see me?»

Bowl of saki

19 Nov Narrowness is not necessarily devotion, but often appears so.


Truth is not acquired but discovered.


It is the gratification of the ego which builds up its strength, and the more satisfaction acquired, the greater becomes the desire, thereby enslaving one to one's own self, besides awakening the fighting spirit of others whose egos are consequently disturbed.

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