One Sigh

There is a story of an Arab who was running to the mosque where the prayer of God was being offered, but before he arrived the prayers were finished.
On his way he met a man coming from the mosque, and asked him, «Are the prayers finished?» The man replied that they were finished, and the other sighed deeply and said, «Alas!»
Then the man asked, «Will you give me the virtue of your sigh in exchange for the virtue of my prayers?» And the other agreed.
Next day the simple man saw the Prophet in a dream, who told him that he had made a bad bargain, for that one sigh was worth all the prayers of a lifetime, because it was from the heart.

Bowl of saki

21 Mar Our soul is blessed with the impression of the glory of God whenever our lips praise Him.


Send on humanity, Lord, the shower of Thy mercy and compassion.


Spirituality is the unfoldment of inner nobility, the divine heritage of every soul, through which the light of the soul is unveiled, expressing itself in modesty, kindness, graciousness and love.

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