A story is told in India of an Afghan soldier, who was once travelling with a Brahman. The Brahman, who was a mild and harmless man, careful not to injure the smallest of God’s creation, was repeating to himself the word daya, which means «kindness».
The Afghan, who was a warrior and understood only the rough side of life, asked him what the word meant. The Brahman explained that the word was the same as rahm in his language.
«Ah!» he exclaimed. «I understand very well now what it means. I remember I was kind once in my life, for on the field of battle I saw a wounded man writhing in agony. I was touched and I put my dagger through him and ended his suffering.»

Bowl of saki

21 Mar Our soul is blessed with the impression of the glory of God whenever our lips praise Him.


Send on humanity, Lord, the shower of Thy mercy and compassion.


Spirituality is the unfoldment of inner nobility, the divine heritage of every soul, through which the light of the soul is unveiled, expressing itself in modesty, kindness, graciousness and love.

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