These Few remembrances which I am humbly venturing to put into words, are offered herewith in an earnest longing to communicate some aspects of the fairy-tale atmosphere that prevailed in those days, when our Beloved Father was with us.
But it is of course very difficult to evoke such remembrances without repeatedly experiencing an outburst of emotions, especially those which were awakened in our hearts ever since our Father departed from this world, at a period in our lives when we were still so very young.
As the years went by, our childhood intuition revealed more and more to us the tragic importance of what we had really lost, by the absence of a Father with such almost luminous magnitude; a Father whose loving guidance, experienced in our young years, was always based on that high God Ideal which was the soul force of his constantly inspiring example.
Ever since those early days of once upon a time, the memory of such a precious example awakened each day anew an untarnishable longing to hear our Father’s voice silently saying, «Your Abba’s loving presence is always here, hidden in your lonely hearts. »

Bowl of saki

22 May The perfect life is following one's own ideal, not in checking those of others; leave everyone to follow his own ideal.


My heart is moved to tears by thy swift moving, O gentle air.


As the sunshine lights up the darkened sky, the light within lightens one's view of others in spite of all wrongs and limitations. This is the key to happiness.

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