A workman digging it the street

One day, while Murshid was going out through the gate of Fazal Manzil, holding my hand tight so that I would not run wildly across the road, as I often did, he was most astonished to see a workman digging a deep ditch just in front of the house, under pouring rain, and with hands and clothes covered with mud.
Murshid walked toward the workman and gently took off his hat to him; and then, while shaking hands, Murshid said,"Bonjour, Monsieur." But obviously the poor workman was absolutely spellbound at the thought of being greeted by the ’King’ in such a moat friendly way, and he stood here for a while, completely panic-struck, till Murshid walked a few steps away down the road, where some mureeds were waiting and hand seen what had happened.
Surprisingly enough, instead of showing their feelings of understanding the precious example of sympathy, kindness and humility which Murshid had so beautifully illustrated, those who had just seen Murshid’s friendly approach, said to him as he came toward them, «But Murshid, you just can’t do that here in the West. Don’t you know that you are not supposed to shake hands with a workman? Murshid became of course very sad, and with deep emotion in his voice, he just only said to them, «Are we not all children of one and the same Father? After which, all walked away in silence.
Many years later, while I was walking up that same road, an elderly man came running behind me, all out or breath, asking, „Who was that King who lived in the large house just there, up the road?“ And while pointing to the house, he told me that years ago, he had been digging in a ditch; when suddenly the King came out of the gate, and, Although he had never seen me, he shook hands with so very much compassion, while also lifting even his hat in such a moat noble way. And,» he added, «although I am just a workman, and have never learned to read or write, nor did I ever believe in God, yet at that moment, I really felt as though Heaven was being offered to me, by the grace of that kind King. There were flashed of light in his eyes, which I still always see so clearly ever since, even after so many years. The mysterious magic, which that King performed on me that day has protected me during my whole life, and has given me the strength and the courage to endure all the cruel hardships in this world; but more than anything else, those moments have been the happiest that I have ever
Then with tears in his eyes, he asked me, «Who was that King? Do you
perhaps know who he was and where he is?»
«Yes,» I said, «He certainly was a King; perhaps a Heavenly King; and
now, from out of Heaven, he constantly sends us sparks of heavenly
light, shining as flashes of blessings, always present in our hearts,
whenever we open our hearts to his loving guidance.»
Then I told him that I was the little boy who was holding my Father’s hand while we came out of the gate together; and I retold him the whole story with all the details which he himself had experienced; after which we both fell in each other’s arms with tears rolling down our cheeks.

Bowl of saki

23 Mar All earthly knowledge is as a cloud covering the sun.


The shade adds to the light, as zero adds to the figure.


Self-assertion is sometimes found under the covers of humility and modesty, which are used like a mask to hide pride, conceit, jealousy and envy, qualities encountered as gross pebbles on the path of spirituality.

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